Site Inspection

Site Inspections from field and notify the Non-compliances

Site inspections are a set of regular activities to check and verify the on-field compliance including Safety Standards, working conditions, and other critical areas of work site.

Site inspection is being conducted and carried out using traditional methods of field visits with pen and paper checklist. They are collated at the end, churned into information after few days and then, a final report is published. A lot of time and effort is carried out to do the same. And during the course of time Non-compliances are identified and hence further steps are being taken.

What can Digital Site Inspection Deliver?

Transforming the same activity onto a digital platform using a software tool on the field or off the field gives an instant reporting platform with all the inspection checklist ready to be filled in, reporting NCs, other findings and sharing digital real-time reports to all the stakeholders. And most importantly, the complete closure cycle of NCs including the corrective or preventive action tracking will certainly make the whole process efficient and with real time updates, more transparent.

ASK-EHS’ Site inspection software helps

  • Conduct your Site inspections using the checklist pre-configured in the system
  • You can enable Site inspection workflow for approvals, NCs.
  • Track your NC and CAPA completion and get verified by Inspector/Respective authority
  • Get your NCs status instantly (Pending / In-Progress / Completed)
  • Inspection review and NCs implementation workflows
  • Configurable Inspection checklist
  • Dashboard with KPIs related to Site Inspection Lead Indicators & Lag Indicators with respect to Non-Compliance

  • Plan your Site Inspection Calendar
  • Get your checklist ready as per the plan
  • Assign Inspector ahead of time
  • Get reminders ahead of time for the planned inspection

  • Conduct Site Inspection using electronic platform
  • All the latest checklist in-built into system
  • Report Non-compliance using system and your recommendations
  • Action against NCs

  • Follow-up of Closure of the NCs identified
  • CAPA against NCs and its implementation
  • Inspection Summary

  • Missed Inspections
  • Trend analysis and comparative reports

Mobile App

For an on-field inspection, sometimes due to remote site location or site location which is not in the premise of the local network connectivity of the web application it becomes little difficult for the inspection team to access web application and use the same at inspection site. In order to overcome such challenge, we have a Mobile App platform that helps do all the onsite activities.

Using Mobile App

  • Perform inspection using checklists
  • Attach On location Pictures for each checklist items
  • Assign Non Compliances for the Corrective and Preventive actions
  • Track the Non-compliance status

Related Software

Incident Management

  • Report Accident/Incident, near-miss.
  • On-field reporting along with live picture attachments.
  • Identification of the action Item.
  • Assign corrective and preventive actions.
  • Root cause analysis Tools (Viz. Fishbone and Why Why Details)
  • Detail analysis and KPI dashboard.
  • Management Information Reports.

Emergency Management

  • Plan and conduct Audits
  • Configurable Audit checklist
  • Assign Non-compliances from the field
  • Detail Audit reports with Compliance Percentage
  • Perform Audit using your Mobile Devices

Incident Management

  • Log unsafe act, unsafe conditions
  • Attach pictures and files
  • View safety observations and history of the same
  • Push notifications on your Observation Mobile App
  • Track & Update CAPA status
  • Noncompliance dashboards for Observation