Industrial Safety Inspection

Safety Inspections are essential to ensuring and effective safety program. These Inspection forms can be edited to suit your specific situation and safety programs. Use these safety inspection forms for management or safety committee inspections.

Safety Inspections – What to Expect

A routine safety inspection consists of the following steps:

Introduction by the Safety Inspector and opening conference with a designated employer representative familiar with site specific safety requirements.

Facility walkthrough with the designated representative to identify safety and health hazards and controls.

Safety documentation review. See How to Prepare for a Safety Inspection for a list of safety documentation that will be reviewed during an inspection..

Closing conference-addressing findings of the safety inspection, specific violations resulting from the inspection, explanation of any fines or penalties

How to Prepare for a Safety Inspection

Designate an employer representative familiar with the hazards of the operation and the location of all the safety documentation.

Perform self-inspections of the facility and of your safety programs at least on an annual basis. Document findings. Employees performing the inspections must be trained to identify hazards.

The following safety documentation will be reviewed during the safety inspection and must be available to the Safety Inspector upon request:
Written Safety Program
Minutes to the Joint Loss Management Committee Meetings
Employee Handbook
Injury and Illness Log
Training Documentation
Self-Inspection Reports
Specific Safety Programs
Keep employee safety training current and documented.

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